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About Melani

Melani Jackson is a singer/songwriter, a creator of what she calls “Life” music.  She is known for her open and free spirited demeanor. Melani 's new album entitled "I Am" is due to release in 2015. This album has been in the making since 2011.  It contains songs from the heart of a girl who has experienced a rollercoaster ride in life, from holding a loved one's hand and watching their brains outside of their head as they died after being shot to seeing her mom overcome cancer. It has been a great and fulfilling journey choosing the perfect group of songs that could paint the proper portrait.

She has created a cross cultural array of inspirational songs that everyday people can relate to, regardless of ethnicity or religion.  She teamed up with producer Larry Summerville, Jr. in 2011.  She contributes much of her new age appeal to him. They both came from a "church" and gospel background.  Summerville ventured off to create some award winning and platinum selling pop music.  While Jackson favored classic jazz and r and b. Their connection has created a great sound that she calls "Life Music".

Melani remembers singing as young as 3 years of age.  At the age of 11 she organized a family singing group who would create recordings in her self-made studio.  She is from a long line of singers and musicians.  Like many others, she began her endeavors in the church.  She got a name for the voice of her high school, there she did several shows and programs and also wrote the class song. Melani made a first real public appearance before an audience of over 10,000 people for a statewide competition where she won several prizes at the age of 14.

She continued her endeavors at Morgan State University, where she studied under the late Dr. Nathan Carter.  Her musical journey has brought her to share the stage with and before many audiences including, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Michael Jordan, Jester Hairston, "Hannibal" Peterson, and the late Coretta Scott King.  One of her most prized accomplishments was her opportunity to do pit singing with a group of 5 singers for the world renowned Alvin Ailey Dancers' "Revelations". She also has performed the national anthem for the National Baseball All-Star game alongside James Earl Jones.

Melani has been a featured vocalist/actress for Jo Farley Productions, where she has performed in several gospel plays. She has also written and directed plays for local youth groups. She has been a house singer for Shekinah's Place, a gospel night club.  She has lead praise and worship for several churches to include New Beginning, Trailblazers ICC, Rock City Church. She has also been a part of several singing groups as a vocalists and/or songwriter. 

Melani, like countless others was inspired by the flawlessness of Whitney Houston.  She was also shaped by the sassiness of Chaka Khan, the musicality of Rachelle Ferrell and the power of Tina Turner.

She has written and performed music in support of several causes, including breast cancer awareness and the stop bullying movement. Her desire is to inspire and uplift everyday people with spiritual and heartfelt music tailored from her own life experiences.

Melani has been featured in Lantern mindsets publication, Indie 360 Magazine and she had the cover story of Shine on magazine. She has been awarded praise and worship female artist of the year at the DMV Christian music awards. Her song "Dare to Dream" was chosen to be the theme song for the Dare to Dream Cruise.

Melani shares her lively sound to audiences of a wide range of religious, origins and races. Her new age appeal has caused her to capture the heart of youth from different backgrounds and people of all ages.






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